Our story, our values

For 20 years VisionMAX has delivered complex custom developed enterprise software solutions for government, banks, insurance, US/Canadian/International telcos, and retailers of all sizes. Our passion for retail software led us to sell our consulting business 6 years ago to a fortune 200 US-based company. We have focused exclusively on our retail product VECOM since that time. We have leveraged our assets and software platforms (VisionEngine, VESB) built, tested and running massive systems for the largest companies in the world and focused on taking this technology to the cloud for Enterprise retail systems that scale and handle any level of transaction volume while maintaining an industry-leading availability.

VisionMAX has a 360-degree view of retail. Customer facing interfaces such as web e-commerce, mobile, call center order taking, kiosks, digital-signage, bot-AI, interactive TV, voice (IVR, AI). We know operations, managing the business whether that be interfacing to key product/catalogue systems, financial systems (Oracle Financials to QuickBooks), supply-chain/ERP (SAP, JDE), activation systems (telco POS). We provide and interface with fulfilment systems including warehouse management, kitchen systems, drive-thru technology, driver-dispatch/optimization, rental solutions, picking and put-away, planograms and the analytics that oversee all of this with our event management engine that tracks and identifies any anomalies across several hundred measured metrics for operations by exception. Contact us to discuss how we can apply our 2 decades of experience to your business.

“Visionmax's VECOM is the leading omni-channel enterprise retail software for the medium to large market that is both customizable and affordable.”

David McDougall - President, VisionMAX