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VisionEngine Omni-Channel image
(Screenshot: VisionEngine Omni-Channel Retail)

All things retail. Any device, any tracking, reporting, automation, manual intervention, reporting and operations management to make your retail business run more efficiently and automatically.

If it affects a retail operation then we have a solution for it alrady built or will integrate it into our comprehensive VisionEngine/VESB platform so that you can focus on your core business - customer service and retailing.

  • Restaurant or Scan Barcode tuned POS
  • Call Center Agent Order taking or technical Support
  • Web E-Commerce
  • Mobile Web and Mobile applications (App Stores)
  • Kiosks & Self-Service workstations
  • Artificial Intellegence BOT/Avatar Texting with Knowledge Base Learning and Automation
  • RFID & Beacon tracking - drive thru, customer pickup, Service tracking
  • Digital Signage, Menu Boards, Reservations/Pick-up Queues
  • Kitchen Systems for order assembly
  • Driver Dispatch systems - live track your order on a map
  • Reporting and Analytics Dashboards
  • Event tracking with Operational Management
  • Internet of Things (IoT) device tracking - temperature, lights, water-leak alerts

Quick Service Restaurants

Traditional POS screenshot
(Screenshot: Restaurant POS with Grid buttons for Order Configuration)

Look up your existing customers by any attribute. Copy their past orders for a quick repeated order. Keep their address book for past pick up locations and delivery locations with labels by type. See a full customer history by all channels of ordering - detect VIP customers and notify the store/agent. Keep a credit history for the customer based on feedback and credits provided to see if they are repeatedly seeking free credits. Event auditing on every update/change to a customer, order or store issue affecting the order. See exactly what happened with the order down to the second every step of the lifecycle. Verifications on abnormal orders (amount, agent doubt), follow-up by supervisor. Multiple customers on same account (one designated primary). Customer notes and automated alerts based on system parameters and event actions.

Complex order configurations using recipes, ingredients, product information (allergens, dietary restrictions, calories etc...), combos, coupons, deals/promotions, leveraging all-channel stock-out information, regular and overridden store-hours and scheduled and overridden Pick-up and delivery time quoting.

Recommendations provided at 3 levels: scan cart and recommend top-sellers ("would you like Fries with that"), suggest optimized deals that combine existing products for a better price (customer satisfaction winner), and potential deals where if they add that bottle of coke (regular $2.99), they can make a deal for just $0.99 more.

Tender panel enables credit, debit, house account, gift-card, loyalty card processing. Add your coupons when placing the order or at tender time, penny rounding if needed with up to 3 levels of tax calculations centrally maintained. Pay at order time, or pay at Pick up or delivery time.

The simplest and fastest way to configure complex food orders. VECOM provides one-touch additions as well as complex dual-recipe 2-sided configurations with customizations in multi-step combos.

Restaurant Services Map
(Screenshot of Quick Service Restaurant Services)

Review the services diagram above for typical restaurant operations, people involved in the solution and their roles and tasks. VECOM helps automate these processes for better customer service and less expensive labor operations.

Traditional Retail

E-commerce images
(Screenshot Traditional Retail E-Commerce)

VisionMAX has delivered traditional retail solutions for over 2 decades for our clients. E-Commerce was our original core competency when it was really just becoming the trend with the dot-com boom. Wireless followed shortly thereafter with WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) - now we could take our apps anywhere and be connected. Effectively your phone became an analogue modem and the WAP application was a menu driven text-based app that could perform simple transactions. How far we have come in 20 years with sophisticated stream video, millions of products online with images, customer reviews, how to use demos, comparative pricing websites. We even have put your chosen clothing on your own personal avatar, rotated you in 360 degrees and allowed you to post your new look to your favourite social media - all the while speaking to your live video personal stylist helping you to make your buying decisions.

A number of our early clients were looking for new E-Commerce channels to sell their products - we found that for some high-value items (electronics/cameras) customers would find what they were looking for and then want to see and touch it before making the buying decision. They would come into the store with a printout of the item they wanted to see. We integrated the POS to also work with that customer's E-commerce profile and when they wanted to make the purchase all their information, the products they wanted and even others they were considering in their wishlist were all at the fingertips of the cashier. Upsell and marketing opportunites were generated by this valuable customer information. Scanning the UPC, or entering the sku was an accurate way to ensure proper sales information and inventory management.

We integrated their supply-chain and warehouse carousel picking and putaway features so that all operations were integrated with the POS and E-commerce. Over 110 Enterprise projects later we have amassed an amazing core platform and library of retail functionality in our VECOM software that truly has been thoroughly production tested and volume tested to meet the most harsh production demands.

Traditional Retail

Sales are made generally by scanning a UPC (search/hierarchy lookup on occaison). Some master-sku relationships (scan one UPC/SKU and you get 2-3 child skus added to your cart. Inventory is adjusted and the automated replenishment will recommend what products to purchase and update the accounting system with sales, and new purchase orders.

Our traditional retail solutions have be run all over the world in over 20 countries and with many languages, taxation and reporting requirements. We believe we have seen it all, but are always up for a challenge if you have something you can't find off-the-shelf elsewhere.

Additional Features

Artificial Intelligence Bot
(Screenshot: Artificial Intelligence Bot/Avatar with Knowledge Base and Live Agent Operations)

Enhance your online and mobile customer service to differentiate your brand over your competition. Our Artificial Intellenge BOT/Avatar will enable the next level of customer service. Traditional online customer service generally followed one of 3 possible scenarios: 1) Call me, 2) Text Message with me, or 3) Look up the answer yourself from resources somewhere on our website. Our AI-Bot technology is the best of all 3 of those worlds while significantly reducing the labor cost to operate excellent customer service. Our premise is that there is currently no all-encompassing automated customer service solution that requires no human support in all cases.

Our AI-Bot will work with a pre-programmed knowledge base that takes common customer questions, breaks them up into their essence and then searches for pre-configured responses to the 80% most common questions asked (everything we can think of ahead of time). When the knowledge base doesn't have the answer, our AI-Bot "Asks their supervisor for help". The live-agents are given the question from the queue based on a FIFO waiting queue. The automated and any live conversations had to date are shown for the agent to get context and to enable clarification questions. The agent determines the best solution and either provides custom advice or finds the correct knowledge base help and pushes the video, PDF, presentation, image and textual content to the customer (it can also automatically redirect the customer to a specific page on the website in addition to pushing the visual content). The agent can decide to stay with the conversation (ie. does that solve your issue?) or push the content and release waiting for the next conversation in the queue.

This method is much more automated and cost efficient than 1) Call me. Call me also does not provide any visual aids and cannot redirect the customer to the correct page/product on the website/mobile site. It is much more practical and faster than 2) Text message with me - it provides visual aids, and uses automation for the 80% of frequently asked questions (FAQ). When a new question is asked the system automatically logs the question and it can be added near-real-time into the knowlege base to automate that question (or similar) the next time it is asked. There is no question that it is better than 3) Look up the answer yourself, albeit it does require some agent labor to answer non-automated questions and to update the knowledge base with helpful information.

Gartner studies have shown that the 18-40 year old demographic would prefer self-service versus calling someone to ask for help (provided the help they are seeking is quick and simple to access).

VECOM Dashboard Image
(Screenshot: VECOM Daily Dashboard - provides vital statistics on daily operations for any current or past day)

Our Sales by Day dashboard provides vital Key Performance Indicator (KPI) results for any day of business. This dashboard can be easily customized for stats that are most relevant to our customers.

Sales Analytics Dashboard
(Screenshot: Sales Analytics Dashboard - Load up to 2 years of history and analyse graphicaly by Key Performance Indicators (KPI))

Sales Analytics Dashboard enables you to see trends in sales by many different factors: time-group (day, week, month, year), channel, pick-up/delivery/in-store, different graph formats (bar, pie, donut, area, line, radar and by time range slider.

VECOM Solution Videos

3 Proven Process Steps to Get You Operational with VECOM

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Ask for a Detailed Proposal and Quote

Provide us with what channels you would like to start with (phase 1) and any future channels (phase 2), the number of locations, agents, terminals/ devices and we will provide you with a detailed proposal and quote broken out by phases with a lease financing option that can include hardware, services, software, US/Canada nationwide staging & installation, and different levels of support from business hours to 24/7/365. Proposal will include a detailed project timeline to plan your deployment.

Configure and Deploy

We will walk you through our proven process to review your specific steps and prepare your company for going live: Interfaces/ Integration, Data Loading (operational & reporting databases), Contingency planning, Backup-Disaster recovery plan, Mass Customization, Training (live & video-based), Deployment to cloud/ on-premise, stage, rollout, monitor, operationalize, support.