The Ontario Government has worked closely with VisionMAX over the past 7 years to produce very successful public-facing applications and infrastructure support projects. Our approach combines effective and experienced Management with strong technical skills and a specialized approach to deliver valuable results for our clients.

VisionMAX is a team of experts intimately familiar with government environments with proven, demonstrable expertise with many government applications and legacy systems, including all database, hardware and operating system platforms. We have built an extensive library of components that can be applied in many situations to speed up the delivery of systems while maintaining flexibility and quality.

VisionMAX has helped Ministries such as Consumer and Business Services, Training, Colleges and Universities, Attorney General and multiple IT Clusters deliver successful legacy systems projects. Our structured methodology, committed resources, and fixed-price approach ensure on-time and on-budget results. We understand how to deliver results within the constraints of government projects. We have been successful at coordinating the efforts of separate groups and communicating effectively to ensure that there are no surprises. You get what you signed up for. We deliver what you expect. We stand behind our work and support the projects we’ve been involved in.

Here are just a few of the results we’ve helped our customers achieve:

  • Reduced Ontario Government business registration time from 6 weeks to 20 minutes
  • Delivered complete College Registration system in a fraction of the anticipated time
  • Enabled development of Name Change "Wizard" system without IT involvement, through VisionMAX tools via a Business Analyst

We have the experience, skills, and commitment to produce superior results. If you want the job done right – call us. Our references in MCBS, EBC I & IT, CSC I & IT, MTCU and others will unanimously vouch for our ability to deliver results; on-time and on-budget.