NRF 2013 – National Retail Federation: New York City (Jan 13 – 15, 2013)

VisionMAX will be in the following booths: Verizon (#2339), Motion Computing (#C320), and Panasonic (#1361).


CES 2013 – Consumer Electronics Show: Las Vegas (Jan 8 – 11, 2013)

VisionMAX will be at the Alcatel Lucent booth at the LVCC, South Hall 3 - 31412 and at the New Age Electronics Meeting Area in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.


Visionmax will be demonstrating at both events our omni-channel web-browser based Point of Sale (POS) Retail in the Cloud and Digital Signage software, as well as introducing our Retail as a Service (RaaS) offering and our new C3 Customer Conversation Client software. C3 changes the interactive paradigm by incorporating “conversations” with a customer, while integrating text, images, audio, and video to simplify and automate the sales, training, help, and self-service business processes.

“Get in on the conversation”!

Please come by and see us or book a meeting at CES or NRF, it would be our pleasure to meet with you!

Holt Renfrew’s 175th Anniversary Pop-Up Store

Holt Renfrew, Canada’s premier luxury fashion store, selects VisionMAX Retail-in-the-Cloud POS for their 175th Anniversary Mobile Pop-up Store

Holt Renfrew, founded in 1837, launched a mobile pop-up store (Hot@175) as part of their 175th anniversary, selling limited edition merchandise designed by internationally renowned graphic artists.

The HOT@175 mobile shop toured across Canada over a three week period with stops in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

“VisionMAX was already a trusted technology partner in providing cloud-based retail application services to Holt Renfrew. We had two weeks to find a Point-of-sale solution that was quick to set up, easy to use, and provided real-time access to sales. The VisionMAX Retail-in-the-Cloud POS was the perfect fit for our mobile shop HOT@175”.

            - Kyoko Kobayashi, Vice President Information Technology, Holt Renfrew.


You can see our Presentation during the Vendor Breakouts & meet with us at the Vendor Product Showcase Presentation: Electronic Software Download – Keeping Retailers in the Game! Bob, VP Sales SYNNEX/JACK OF ALL GAMES Dave, President, Visionmax Visionmax is developing this exciting next generation digital platform to be launched in September that will enable retailers to offer electronic downloading of computer and game software to their customers.






There is a revolution rather than an evolution of change sweeping the Retail industry at this time with visionaries and luminaries “thinking outside the box”. They are applying ideas, business acumen, standards of excellence, and adaptive technologies that come from diverse industries and geographic locations, providing solutions to real problems that come from places one might not readily consider out of the gate.

Applying new technologies in very practical and innovative ways such as Omni-channel Retail (mobile internet devices, computers, bricks-and-mortar, tv-Commerce, catalog, eStores, etc…), with multiple payment mechanisms such as the stored value card, eWallet, Near Field Communications (NFC) enabled mobile devices, integrated devices with secure chip Credit-Debit Cards, digital signage, smart-queuing, portable, wireless, high-speed, low-cost networks, and self-serve kiosks with tailored digital avatars and centralized call center product specialists that communicate via Video over ip – all technologies currently in use in various industries and/or geographic locations around the world now being applied to traditional Retail.

Some online and mobile device sales statistics:

  • · Between November 1, 2011 and December 26, 2011, Consumers spent $35.3 billion online, according to market research organization ComScore. This is 15% more than consumers spent online in the same time period in 2010.
  • · There were nine days in 2011 in which online sales were more than $1 billion, according to ComScore.
  • · 11.3% of day after Christmas sales were from mobile devices in 2011, compared to the 4.3% of sales from mobile devices on December 26, 2010
  • · According to IBM Coremetrics Benchmark 6% of all December 26 traffic came from iPads, 5.8% came from iPhones, and 4.6% came from Androids

Innovators are re-shaping and revolutionizing Retail now and in the coming years to a point where the current traditional processes will be virtually unrecognizable while bringing huge economies of scale and new levels of customer service to an industry that is known for being conservative and lethargic to adapt.

Established Retail will adopt dramatic change in order to remain relevant with the advent of pure-play eStores in the cloud and the tech-savvy Stores that are taking brick and mortar Retail by storm.

VisionMAX’s Omni-Channel platform is currently processing over 100M transactions per yr. Our horizontal approach vs. vertical approach allows for flexibility whether your focus is hospitality, fast food, general or specialty retail.

Our software:

  • - Enables a unified, coordinated retail presence across all channels of engagement: PoS, Digital Signage, and web presence
  • - Works with any computer, tablet, smartphone or kiosk
  • - Works online and offline
  • - Can be installed in a private or public cloud
  • - Saves you time and money with a low monthly subscription fee

What’s in for you?

  • - Wrap your services around the platform: software and hardware integration, implementation, customizations, DB migrations, product catalogue loading, etc…
  • - We’re dedicated to our VAR channel: enable and empower our channel partners to deliver Enterprise class solutions and have the support of a $10B company at your side.

We’re an exhibitor at RetailNOW and would like to invite you all to our booth #821. We will also be giving a presentation on Omni-Channel Retail

Please come by and ask us what we are doing with mobile voice that is changing self-service and customer service for the future – we’d love to chat about your business and how we can help you and your customers.

Looking forward to meeting you.



LAS VEGAS, NV, Verizon Wireless, and VisionMAX today announced that an innovative Retail-in-the-Cloud suite of solutions is being shown at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES): Verizon Booth (Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, Booth 30259).

Leveraging Verizon's 4G LTE network, VisionMAX, Alcatel-Lucent and the ng Connect Program team will be demonstrating new innovative retail store solutions and devices. Using these solutions, customers will be able to make purchasing decisions and pay for products in an easier and more engaging way, using a mobile phone and advanced customer recognition technology.

Technology at CES, including 3D kiosks, mobile and fixed location Cloud Point-of-Sale (POS) stations, and digital signage, will:

  • Allow customers to see their avatar wearing selected clothing by a simple Near-Field-Communication (NFC) phone scan using their secured personal profile;
  • Enable a Virtual Personal Stylist (VPS) video fashion consultant to interactively make style recommendations online with the customer;
  • Enable purchases with a wireless credit-debit device, NFC phone or cash.

In addition, the demo will showcase:

  • End-user mobile phone applications with QR-code shopping cart collection, recommendations, coupons and additional product info;
  • Mobile Tablet Cloud POS: employees can roam freely around the store helping customers;
  • Integration with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter with end users' avatar;
  • Mobile-device-managed digital signage: end users take over the digital sign getting product info and video demos; and
  • Interactive dynamic reporting.

  • "Working with Verizon, Alcatel-Lucent and the ng Connect team has been a fantastic two-year journey," said Pradip Madan, Senior Vice President and General Manager for VisionMAX. "The culmination of all of this talent and hard work can be seen fully integrated at the Verizon booth. These are practical, cost-effective advanced retail solutions all ready to go to market and be delivered from the cloud and 4G LTE."

Verizon established its Innovation Program to encourage collaboration and help advance the 4G LTE ecosystem. The company's LTE Innovation Center in Waltham, near Boston, and its Application Innovation Center in San Francisco, were created to inspire, enable and develop non-traditional devices, services and applications that take advantage of Verizon Wireless' industry-leading wireless networks. Through the Innovation Program, Verizon seeks to expand the possibilities of 4G LTE by working with diverse companies, from start-ups to established players, in industries representing a broad range of verticals.

The ng Connect Program, founded by Alcatel-Lucent, now has more than 125 member companies working as an end-to-end ecosystem to rapidly deliver next generation services and applications.

For more information about Verizon at CES, visit or follow Verizon Wireless news on Twitter at @VZWnews. Visit for more information about VisionMAX.


June 2011: VisionMAX's Retail-in-the-Cloud offering at Retail Council of Canada STORE conference, and new website
VisionMAX demonstrated the new Retail-in-the-Cloud software offering for retailers at the Retail Council of Canada's STORE 2011 Conference. Along with partners IBM and Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions, VisionMAX showed the cloud-based offering running on an IBM SurePOS 500 and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in the IBM cloud. Both the SurePOS 500 and PlayBook mobile POS connected wirelessly to a Moneris IP-based Chip & PIN credit card device. VisionMAX also demonstrated the Virtual Personal Stylist offering running in a 3D kiosk. Coincident with the conference, VisionMAX launched the new site to allow customers to learn more about the software.



April 2011: VisionMAX uses IBM's Canadian cloud platform at RS4 show
IBM recently announced their new $42M Compute Cloud Centre facilities in Montreal and Toronto to allow Canadian businesses to securely develop, host, and test applications while only paying for the computational power they use. IBM asked Business Partner VisionMAX to be one of the first companies to take advantage of the platform.

Visionmax is actively launching projects on the IBM cloud infrastructure, with four projects currently at various stages of deployment on the IBM cloud. On April 5 - 7 VisionMAX showcased their "VisionmaxRetail" 100% SaaS/Cloud browser-based retail POS and back-office management product at the IBM RS4 (Retail Partner) summit in Chicago running on IBM SurePOS 500 equipment and the IBM Cloud.

Click here to view the full press release at the IBM site or click here to view the PDF version.




Jan 2011: VisionMAX unveils Virtual Personal Stylist at CES 2011 in Las Vegas
Working with ng Connect Program retail fashion industry partners ELLE magazine, L'Oreal USA, and Bloomingdale's, VisionMAX is showcasing the Virtual Personal Stylist concept that showcases an enriched retail experience made possible by innovative 3D telepresence, video conferencing, cloud computing and ultra-high bandwidth connectivity. VisionMAX led the integration of the scanning, avatar creation, in-store display, and online shopping technologies demonstrated in the Virtual Personal Stylist.

The Virtual Personal Stylist (VPS) experience illustrates how consumers can shop online and in-store with enhanced convenience and effectiveness. The shopper first creates an avatar based on their specific measurements captured in a fast in-store scanning process. Their avatar is stored in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere in-store, via mobile device or online by the consumer to try on clothes or test beauty products virtually.

VPS provides a highly convenient and effective shopping experience based on accurate size prediction, greater style and color selection, and expert personal-shopper advice -- without having to physically try on clothes or beauty products before buying. It allows shoppers to see how an outfit will look on their own body via the avatars and feel confident that the size selected will fit when the outfit is purchased or delivered.

Retailers, product manufacturers and network operators can take advantage of the Virtual Personal Stylist to develop new business models based on purchase history. This gives them a new tool to market to their customers more intimately and accurately. Imagine a customer getting an opt-in e-circular with them as the feature model in all of the latest Spring fashions. VisionEngine, VisionMAX's application development platform, can perform rapid linking to national retailers through the feature-rich application cloud, allowing the system to work with even the most sophisticated retail systems environments.

For further information, click here.

Virtual Stylist




Nov 2010: VisionMAX creates charitable ordering site for Holt Renfrew
Leading Canadian specialty retailer Holt Renfrew wanted to allow customers to buy toques online as a fundraiser for Polar Bears International ( In less than one week VisionMAX enabled online ordering and fulfillment by doing the following:

  • Designed the bilingual web site and database
  • Set up a completely new web-domain –
  • Set up the site to run in the Amazon Cloud (no need for in-house infrastructure)
  • Enabled e-commerce transactions through Moneris and Verisign (Digital SSL certificate)
  • Built a portal for administrators to maintain the site, with secure sign on for all stores and head office
  • Created various reports and screen queries

The new site allowed customers to purchase online while picking up the product at their closest store. Holt Renfrew management was better able to manage inventory and ensure the product would be available for customers coming to the store.


IBM Kiosk

Nov 2010:IBM tradeshow
As a long-time IBM Business Partner, VisionMAX was asked by IBM to create an application to demonstrate the advanced 32” screen display capabilities of IBM’s latest kiosk product at the KioskCom & Digital Signage Show at the Javits Convention Center in New York. IBM and VisionMAX are partnering on several opportunities in the Retail and Kiosk area, building upon IBM’s strengths in providing advanced products along with VisionMAX’s capabilities in creating software to take advantage of these capabilities while providing benefits to customers.

VisionMAX created an application for the show that made use of the large screen to present three separate sub-displays:

  • Top section for branding, barker, call-out and instructions
  • Middle section for live streaming HD video
  • Bottom section containing interactive touch screen call-to-action and commerce application




Sept 2010:
VisionMAX has joined leading network, consumer electronics, application and content providers including Alcatel-Lucent, Atlantic Records, HP, NCR, Nuance Communications, Samsung, and Toyota in the ng Connect Program, a multi-industry initiative driving the development of next-generation broadband services based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) and other high bandwidth technologies. With an initial focus on the retail and media & entertainment industries VisionMAX will contribute VisionmaxRetail, a cloud-based retail solution, VisionmaxMedia - Media Integration Platform (MIP) product suites, as well as custom application development expertise to the program.

“VisionMAX is excited to join the ng Connect Program to collaborate with other members on service concepts that we are certain will advance the retail and media & entertainment industries,” stated David McDougall, President, VisionMAX.  “We jumped with both feet into the ideation and brainstorming session at the recent ng Connect member meeting in Dallas last week. We know we are now part of a think-tank that will create profitable and quick-to-market innovative services for next generation wireless networks.”

“VisionMAX’s commitment to developing best-in-class solutions for its clients is a great match with the ng Connect Program where we are fully focused on delivering leading solution concepts to the industry showing the capability and opportunity made possible by 4G/LTE networks,” said Steve West, Vice President of Emerging Technology & Media at Alcatel-Lucent, founding member of the ng Connect Program.  “Retail Transformation and Media & Entertainment are a major focus for the program this year and we’re very pleased to be working with the experts at VisionMAX.”

Click here for full News Release.




Sep 2010: VisionMAX wins Innovation Technology Award from Ontario Chamber of Commerce:
VisionMAX won the Ontario Business Achievement Award (OBAA) in the category of Innovation Technology from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. This award was won on the basis of the use of innovative technology on leading-edge engagements at three clients:

  • Bell Canada – Advanced TV viewing over the Internet with Bell TV Online Portal
  • Pizza Pizza – Multi-channel ordering system increases online sales, cuts costs
  • Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) – Pre-Arranged Ride Dispatch system fixes problems for GTAA’s passengers, taxi drivers, management, and neighbours

“These outstanding award winners exemplify business excellence through innovation, export diversity, entrepreneurial spirit and an understanding that the best investment is in their people.” says Len Crispino, President & CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. “This is the award winners’ opportunity to step into the spotlight to celebrate success, not only for themselves but, for Ontario.”

For more information, please click the following links:,

To view the press release, click here.


Rob (left) – President, SaaSworks (a subsidiary of Visionmax) and
Dave (right) - President, Visionmax

Picture above courtesy of Ontario Chamber of Commerce.




Sep 2010: VisionMAX exhibits at NCR Innovation Forum
VisionMAX was one of only two NCR partners chosen to exhibit at NCR’s 2010 Innovation Forum, which highlighted self-service solutions, serving businesses in the retail, financial, healthcare, hospitality, gaming and other industries.

VisionMAX showcased their OBAA award winning multi-channel solutions for retail, including:

  • POS
  • Integrated supply chain management
  • Real-time sales reporting
  • Queuing signage/tracking
  • Video-based interactive help/training
  • 3-screen (iTV, PC, smartphone) Media Integration Platform



July 2010: Pizza Pizza credits new website with spectacular growth in online ordering
Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine reports that Pizza Pizza, Canada’s largest pizza chain, has experienced spectacular growth in online ordering at their site implemented by VisionMAX in 2009. Online ordering has jumped from 4% of all orders to 21%

Management credits the increase to easier navigation tools, more attractive look and feel, and new features such as pre-ordering that allows a user to place an order in advance, plus the ability to save recurring orders for easy reordering (e.g., Friday Night Poker Gang, Kids Hockey Team) as well as recalling previous orders.

Click here to read the entire article or here to read our Case Study.

Retail Council of Canada


June 2010: VisionMAX joins Retail Council of Canada
VisionMAX has a long history of serving retail clients, including Pizza Pizza, T-Mobile, Sears, The Bay, Henry's Camera, the Katz Group (Pharma Plus / Rexall), and Digicel (415 stores in 7 countries). To further cement our relationship with this key sector, VisionMAX recently became a member of the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), and we attended the RCC "Store 2010" conference May 31-June 1.

RCC is a not-for-profit, industry-funded association representing more than 40,000 store fronts of all retail formats across Canada, including department, specialty, discount, and independent stores, and online merchants.



May 2010: VisionMAX powers Bell Canada’s launch of HBO on Bell TV Online
Bell TV has added a full slate of HBO programming to the Bell TV Online portal powered by VisionMAX. Available at no additional cost for Bell TV customers who subscribe to The Movie Network, the service enables customers to watch movies, series and other premium commercial-free content on their computers on-demand anywhere in Canada, wherever a high-speed Internet connection is available. The Bell TV Online portal offerings now include:
  • On-demand content from The Movie Network (TMN), Family Channel, Playhouse Disney,
    and HBO
  • Pay-Per-View  trailers and purchase capability (for special events)
  • A TV programming guide (EPG) 
  • Fully integrated lightning-fast search
  • Integrated e-chat
  • Bell's Remote PVR that enables customers to remotely set and manage their
    HD PVR recordings.

This unique portal delivers an unparalleled subscriber experience by extending the entertainment experience from the traditional TV screen to the Internet and mobile devices, a key component of Bell Canada’s three-screen strategy that works to deliver entertainment content on TV, computer and mobile-phone screens.

For further information, see




Mar 23-25 2010: VisionMAX exhibits at CTIA Wireless Conference
Once again, VisionMAX is exhibiting at the CTIA Wireless Conference in Las Vegas. The show brings together the wireless and converged communications, wireless broadband, mobile web computing and data industries. VisionMAX will be demonstrating its expertise in the following areas:
  • POS & Service Activation – Our web Browser-based product combines CRM, ERP/Supply Chain, Mobile Phone activations and Commission management into a single POS application.
  • CRM-Client Care – VisionMAX specializes in self-service applications for Telcos.  Our multi-platform (Mobile, IVR, Web, iTV) self-service solutions help customers help themselves faster and simpler than waiting in the call center queue.  We process 100's of millions of transactions annually, saving our clients similar numbers of dollars.
  • M-Commerce – VisionMAX has an innovative approach to mobile applications (e.g., purchase home TV Pay-per-View) using our VisionEngine technology.  Rapid prototyping and deployment have allowed our customers to provide mobile applications to the masses at a minimal cost on devices including BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and iPhone.
  • IPTV – VisionMAX is a pioneer in IPTV application development, remote-PVR, advertising commerce, and an entire suite of iTV solutions for major providers including telecom, cable/satellite, and hoteliers.
  • M2M - As system integrators, VisionMAX has vast experience linking devices and data, including peripherals (PC web, mobile device, kiosk, satellite TV set-top box, telephone IVR, etc.) and back-end repositories (mainframe, mid-range, UNIX/Windows servers).



Feb/Mar 2010: VisionMAX joins Canadian Trade Missions to Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Mexico
At the invitation of Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), VisionMAX joined Trade Missions to the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Designed to showcase Canada’s up-and-coming IT companies, DFAIT arranged for VisionMAX to meet with several of the countries’ leading companies in the telecom, media, and banking sectors.

VisionMAX described its expertise in the areas of Retail applications (including Point of Sale, inventory management, and billing), IPTV for hotels, online media portals, T-commerce (buying online through the TV), modernization of legacy applications,  Billing systems, and multi-channel “self-serve” solutions to reduce calls to Call Centres.

Bell Remote PVR


Feb 2010: VisionMAX enables Bell TV Remote PVR application
Just in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics, Bell TV has released a Remote PVR (Personal Video Recorder) system to allow subscribers to program and manage shows online using a computer web-browser or a compatible mobile device such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung or Palm smartphone. Subscribers can use Remote PVR from anywhere in the world. For example, if you are in Tokyo, you can still remotely set recordings, manage PVR content, and control your PVR in Toronto. Remote PVR is available at no extra charge to Bell TV subscribers with a compatible PVR set-top box.

VisionMAX did the system integration between Bell TV Online, Bell Canada, and Sling Media Remote PVR software to enable this innovative feature-set. The Remote PVR feature is accessed via the Bell TV Online system (, which was also developed by VisionMAX.



Dec 2009 and Mar 2010: VisionMAX launches BlackBerry and Palm Pre PPV app for Bell TV
In Dec/09, VisionMAX married its expertise with mobile applications and TV transactional systems to enable a new application for Bell Mobility. VisionMAX developed solutions for a mobile Pay-Per-View (PPV) application for the Palm Pre smart-phone, providing a rich-media experience for customers that extends their TV experience to their mobile phone. VisionMAX provides all data feeds, and handles authentication and the Pay-Per-View (PPV) transaction, allowing customers to visually browse, select, and purchase PPV content on the Palm Pre.

This application was made available on the BlackBerry in March 2010.


Oct 2009: VisionMAX creates another first with Internet Video Service for Bell TV:
VisionMAX has added TMN Online to the Bell TV Online portal originally developed and rolled out by VisionMAX one year ago. TMN Online is a new broadband entertainment service that enables Bell TV subscribers with The Movie Network to watch movies and series via the web, from any computer with access to high-speed Internet service, anywhere in Canada. This service is an addition to Bell's TV Anywhere three-screen strategy, and is the first in North America where authentication and access are linked to the subscriber, rather than to the home Internet connection.

This project is yet another showcase of VisionMAX’s Media Convergence Practice and expertise, enabling unique, compelling, and ubiquitous customer media access experiences.

May 2009: Dave McDougall, President of VisionMAX, spoke about Call Centre of the Future at the International Customer Service Association conference. He focused on the following areas:
  • Seamlessly integrated databases (that probably allow the Customer Service Representative to know more about the caller than the caller’s own mother!)

  • Advanced self-serve applications that allow customers and other authorized users to inquire and update their records themselves (in these seamlessly integrated databases)

  • Multi-channel delivery (web browser, telephone IVR, mobile, satellite TV) that allow users to interact with the data through whatever channel they prefer

  • Interactive video training clips that show users how to do something (if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures!)

  • Expert systems (with seamless human backup) that enable users to have a “conversation”, without knowing whether communication is with a computer or a human

  • Software as a Service to allow companies to treat computing (both hardware and software) as a utility, and pay a monthly fee only for what they need

Click here to read an article based on his presentation.

At the same time, Mike Kinrys, Director of Business Development at VisionMAX, was interviewed by ChannelLine magazine about IBM’s Dynamic Infastructure initiative and how this ties into VisionMAX’s work with hosted SaaS applications.  Click here to read the article.

Mar 2009: VisionMAX has signed a 3-yr deal with Digicel, the largest mobile telecommunications operator in the Caribbean, to implement a new Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Integration Solution for 400 stores in Turks & Caicos, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Panama, Honduras, and El Salvador.

This deal was facilitated by the Export Development Bank of Canada; click here to see EDC ExportWise on-line magazine article on this story or here to get a pdf copy.  The new system will be built on a successful retail system VisionMAX created for Pizza Pizza in Canada and a similar POS system VisionMAX is implementing for T-Mobile’s 10,000 stores in the US.

Feb 2009: Up to 1,000 passengers per day use the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA)'s pre-arranged service for taxis/limos. Before flying, the passenger calls the taxi/limo operator of their choice and provides the date/time of their arrival flight. After arriving in Toronto, the passenger reports at a curbside booth in front of their terminal. The attendant then calls the Dispatch Centre to notify the waiting driver that the passenger is ready, and the driver proceeds to the curb.

Behind the scenes, this process was entirely manual and paper-intensive. VisionMAX automated the process to provide an automated and more efficient system to manage the payment collection, registration, and dispatch of pre-arranged limousine services.  The new system incorporates the following elements:

  • Drivers pay their admin fee using cash or credit card at a kiosk
  • Drivers are notified of passenger arrival by a message sent to their cell phone (if no answer, message goes to loudspeaker)
  • Limo stand attendant uses a hand-held mobile computer to scan a bar-coded permit to confirm that correct limo has arrived

The new system provides the following benefits:

  • GTAA Administration
    • Eliminate error-prone manual paper process
    • Eliminate need for limo attendant to handle cash
    • Improve traffic flow (very important in a congested area)
    • Provide management tools through improved metrics, auditing, and accountability, allowing management to determine exact driver and passenger locations and curbside vehicle counts and giving them invaluable input for long-term planning
  • Drivers
    • Eliminate missed calls if loudspeaker sound is muffled, as system sends message to driver cell phone
    • Enforce legitimate pickups by eliminating passenger swiping
    • Improve customer service by streamlining the process and providing more service lanes through automation. The system still provides real-life attendants that can assist when needed.
  • Passengers and neighbours
    • Reduce noise from loudspeakers (used on exception basis only)
    • Improve customer service for passengers
Jan 2009: As part of a new marketing thrust by Pizza Pizza, VisionMAX has developed a new online ordering system that offers convenience and options unmatched in the Canadian pizza segment. Users are able to create profiles based on eating occasions, such as "My Poker Night Order" or "My Hockey Team Order", retrieve past orders, browse the Pizza Pizza menu, or customize their own pizzas choosing from a variety of crust options, sauces and over 30 toppings. The new website also allows for orders to be placed up to seven days in advance.

Pat Finelli, chief marketing officer at Pizza Pizza, remarked "We are constantly looking at ways to enhance our customers' dining experience. The new online ordering system is a great example of this as it gives customers greater control and flexibility over personalizing their orders."

The overall website, developed in partnership with Pizza Pizza, offers a fresh new look, engaging interface, softer colour palate and offers a more intuitive navigation.

The online ordering system is the first of a 3-part initiative, in which VisionMAX will also replace the in-store Point of Sale (POS) system and the application used by the Call Centre staff. Although the front-end interfaces will differ, all three parts of the application will share common Business Rules, as embedded in the VisionEngine.


Oct 2008: Just in time for the start of the 2008/09 NHL season, VisionMAX rolled out NHL Centre Ice for Bell TV.  This phase of Bell TV Online provides Bell TV customers with the NHL® Centre Ice™ package access to live NHL games streamed to their browser via the Internet, with real-time game statistics updates for all games.

Phase II of the system is already well under way, and will provide even more video content to customers. This project is yet another showcase of VisionMAX’s Media Practice and media convergence expertise, enabling unique, compelling, and ubiquitous customer media access experiences.


Sept 2008: At the CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2008 Expo in San Francisco, VisionMAX showcased its self-serve Point of Sale (POS) solution for retail wireless stores, as well as applications that enable users to interact with back-office systems using a mobile device.  This included a Field Service Automation application for field technicians to record part and labour information against work orders, as well as self-serve applications to allow customers to inquire into and update their account information on a company’s back-office systems.  First Look magazine, which covered CTIA, featured an article about VisionMAX on their front page entitled “VisionMAX: Changing The Way Software Buyers Think About Quality Products”.  Click here to download it.
July 2008: CMA Management, the magazine of the Certified Management Accountants of Canada, featured an article by VisionMAX’s Director of Business Development, Mike Kinrys, entitled “Avoid costly system replacements by modernizing old applications”. Many organizations have legacy applications that are missing required functions, but are expensive to replace.  This article describes work we have done for several clients in which we modernized them (including adding a Web browser interface while consolidating multiple green screens to a few Web browser screens).  The benefits companies have achieved include:
  • Avoid the high cost of replacing a working application   --- or ---  defer the cost for several years
  • Add new functionality without modifying underlying application
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Cut training costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction

You can view the article by clicking here.


July 2008: At the Wireless & Mobility Expo, VisionMAX showcased a self-serve Point of Sale (POS) solution for retail wireless stores that allows customers to select their phone, accessories, and services in a self-serve manner. Using a computer projector and infra-red motion detection product from partner Imagin8, the store is able to turn any window into a touch-sensitive self-serve screen.  The POS demonstration application was built using the VisionEngine Software-as-a-Service / Platform-as-a-Service (SaaS / PaaS) application development platform.
June 2008: VisionMAX speaks at Toronto Talks about converged applications. Dave McDougall, President and CEO of VisionMAX, described how companies are able to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs by leveraging the data that already exists and making it available to users in whatever medium they prefer.  Dave described applications that VisionMAX created for clients including Bell Canada, Sprint USA, and Pharma Plus using the following delivery channels:
  • PC web browser
  • Telephone interactive voice response or voice recognition
  • Cell phone text message
  • PDA e-mail
  • Interactive TV via cable/satellite set-top box
  • Kiosk

Jun 2008:  VisionMAX attends 3-day Canadian Telecom Summit.  VisionMAX has developed applications for clients including Bell Canada and Sprint USA, that involve telephone interactive voice response, VoIP, speech-to-text and text-to-speech.  In order to keep up on the latest developments in the telecom field, VisionMAX attended the 3-day Telecom Summit.
Apr 2008: VisionMAX speaks to CMAs about mobile applications. At a seminar sponsored by the Certified Management Accountants of Ontario, VisionMAX spoke about current and future applications for wireless technology.  President Dave McDougall showed examples of how companies can make use of existing mobile devices already in use by staff (cell phones, BlackBerry, Palm) to extend their functionality by accessing data in back-office systems.  Dave also gave a peak at new developments involving Wi-MAX, Google Android, and GSM location-based services.
March 2008: VisionMAX adds on-line forms functionality to web-based application. VisionMAX had previously developed an application to allow private career colleges to enter and update information about their courses on-line to the provincial government. In this significant enhancement, VisionMAX used the latest version of VisionEngine to add Forms capability. Users are now able to generate all of the forms needed with the data pre-populated rather than having to supplement their existing on-line process with a manual forms based process. As well, VisionMAX performed a complete overhaul of the application to address significant legislation changes and increase usability.
Nov/Dec, 2007: VisionMAX speaks to BCX about Self-Serve applications. VisionMAX is speaking to several Toronto-area chapters of the Business Connection Exchange (BCX) association about how implementing Self-Serve applications can Improve Customer Service while Cutting Costs. After discussing potential implementation roadblocks and ways to overcome them, VisionMAX describes successful systems they implemented for Bell Canada and the Government of Ontario.

August 17, 2007:  VisionMAX wins back-to-back Awards!  A system developed by VisionMAX for the provincial government has won an Award of Excellence, the highest award of the Public Sector Quality Fair. This system is one more in a series developed by VisionMAX to enhance the public-facing systems used by government.  In January/07, VisionMAX released the Self-Serve application designed to speed up the delivery of electronic business licenses and track the length of time applications spend in queue.  This helped the provincial government meet its publicized Service Guarantees and kept refund penalties to a minimum.  Click here for details on the system.

A VisionMAX-developed system to allow private career colleges to register their courses on-line has won an Achievement Award from CIPA (Canadian Information Productivity Award) and is a finalist for the Grand Award. Click here for details on the system.


April 30, 2007: VisionMAX brings government web sites to the next level – VisionMAX has just completed re-engineering a significant government financial services application to make it compliant with laws that require web sites to be accessible by everyone, including those with disabilities.  VisionMAX used the business rules function of the VisionEngine to improve the application's run-time efficiency and maintainability. This is the latest in a string of successful implementations that VisionMAX has performed for the government to make information accessible to all citizens. 
VisionMAX is publicizing the work we've done helping customers improve their Customer Service applications.  We are teaming with the Toronto Chapter of the International Customer Service Association (ICSA) on various initiatives:
  • We wrote an article for their April/07 Newsletter (page 5) entitled “Cut Costs and Improve Customer Service via ‘Self-Serve' applications”.  Click here to see it.
  • On Apr 27/07, we conducted a webinar under the ICSA auspices “Cut Costs and Improve Customer Service via ‘Self-Serve' applications”.  Click here for a copy of the presentation.
  • On May 10/11, VisionMAX exhibited at the ICSA Annual Conference.  Click here for details.

In February/07, VisionMAX opened up its first full-time office in the United States to improve service to our American customers.  Headed up by Jeff Darter, VP US Sales, the office is located in Dallas, Texas, but Jeff expects to work with customers across the US.