VisionMAX delivers your business vision on time and on budget... every time. You need to develop business systems to meet the demands of the ever-changing business climate. VisionMAX has the passion of a boutique shop with the processes of larger consulting companies, giving us the ability to deliver fast results at a fixed cost. We have a 100% success rate, and more than a 90% re-hire rate, because we find solutions for our clients' business vision. Our passion, structure, dedicated team philosophy and fixed price guarantee put VisionMAX in a unique position to deliver your business vision.

What we do
Custom Development Custom development
Development skills have always been a strength of VisionMAX. Successful development projects require more than just technical skills. Good solutions come from good designs which fit and solve business problems.
eService Delivery VisionEngine
Simplify your Application Development and Delivery world through the VisionEngine platform. A unique set of re-usable components that integrates business processes with back-office data and any front-end interface device.
Self-serve applications Self-serve applications
Cut out the middleman Improve customer service and cut costs at the same time. Rather than tying up your valuable customer service representatives with questions that are answered on your Web site, or with requests for straight-forward account updates, let VisionMAX provide your customers with secure and direct access to your company's systems. This improves customer service because customers don't waste time sitting on hold, while also cutting your costs by reducing the calls coming in to the call centre.
Multi-channel information delivery Multi-channel information delivery
Develop once, roll out once, serve all VisionMAX enables access for customers, partners, and staff to information and services in the manner that best suits their needs: browser, forms, PDA (mobile device), cell-phone text message, e-mail, telephone interactive voice response, or TV set-top box.
Call centre data consolidation Call centre data consolidation
VisionMAX enables you to improve the productivity of customer service representatives by providing a Web browser interface that can simultaneously access various legacy systems.
Mobile Applications Mobile applications
Information anywhere, anytime - Company staff and agents are in the field gathering information and interacting with customers; VisionMAX empowers them to get the required access to applications from their PDA (BlackBerry, Palm Pilot, or feature phone).
Video and media systems integration Video and media systems integration
For more than 8 years, VisionMAX has been involved in building technologies for digital media information and entertainment systems. Whether building complete integrated VOD systems from the ground up, or integrating new services into the latest IPTV systems, VisionMAX has the proven expertise to take you to the next level.
Web-enabling legacy applications Web-enabling legacy applications
Legacy applications that are accessed through green screens may provide the data needed, but also may be cumbersome to navigate, difficult for new staff to learn, and leave customers with an unfavorable impression. VisionMAX can make this data available using service-oriented architecture (SOA) or a Web browser front-end, resulting in a modern look.


"We have a 100% success rate, and more than a 90% re-hire rate, because we find solutions for our clients' business vision"