Historically speaking, a company like VisionMAX would typically have been described as a Systems Integration firm; IT Consultants who deliver new solutions based on existing systems. Most IT projects have an element of systems integration. Very few new solutions are completely stand-alone. VisionMAX has developed extensive integration capabilities such as:

  • Extending applications - adding functionality to existing systems, no matter what the underlying technology
  • New systems, old data - delivering new functionality while integrating existing data structures and information
  • New devices - introducing wireless capabilities, integrating set-top box technology, mobile service delivery, internet kiosks
  • Technology replacement - upgrading out-dated applications, replacing application components, upgrading packaged software

Systems Integration can take on many forms. VisionMAX is experienced in a wide range of technologies from COBOL to .NET to the latest JAVA techniques, cash registers to bar code readers, dumb terminals to satellite links. Our key strength is our ability to quickly understand the business issue and design a practical solution that delivers results, quickly, cheaply and effectively.